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Stop the transfer of bacteria at the most common point of contact


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Gel Dispensing & Silver Ion Door Handles

Mandate Hand Sanitation


SIlver Ion Technology
Handle Covers and Push Plates
King-Gage Tank Level Measurement
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McDaniel Pressure & Vacuum Gauges
The highest quality Pressure Gauges available

Trend Thermometers
Bi-Metallic Dial and Remote Reading Thermometers

bulletKing Engineering Filters

Compressed Air Filtration Solutions for Industrial and Military Applications


Purehold Door Handle Sanitation

Welcome to KSE Corporation

Our Mission is to provide our clients with products and services that help them operate their facilities safely, accurately, and thereby more profitably. KSE Corporation provides only proven, dependable, high quality products, and is a full service firm. We offer products, installation, technical support, field calibration services, turnkey construction capability, and personal contact with knowledgeable professionals who care about the success of your application.

We Measure Your Success!™

Our products include instruments to measure and record tank level, temperature, relative humidity, current, voltage, flow, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and many other parameters, sanitation products that safeguard your facility, and compressed air cleaning and drying. We offer our clients solutions to help them manage and protect their businesses.

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For information call: 1-(800)-KSE-GAGE 1-(800)-573-4243

KSE Corporation is a member of the Instrument Society of America, the Dairy Technology Society, the Greater Valley Forge Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Business Owners (NFIB) and the Better Business Bureau.