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Calibration ProverCertified Physical Tank Calibration

The accuracy of any tank level gauging system can never be any better than the information used to calibrate or "scale" the vessel in question. Calibration information can be obtained in many ways, chiefly from drawings, measurements, and, most accurately, Certified Physical Tank Calibrations.

Using Volumetric Provers certified by NIST traceable labs and State Metrology agencies, KSE Engineers and Technicians create an individual, highly accurate internal tank geometry for each individual vessel gauged by your tank level inventory system. Filling the vessels with water and drawing the water off with these Provers, we simultaneously measure the pressure at the transmitter location with NIST traceable pressure measurement instruments.

This process yields an extremely accurate and totally unique profile for your vessel which can never change. The resulting database is used to create software which defines your vessel's internal shape to the Tank Level Indication system.

What Should I Do to Prepare for a Physical Tank Calibration?