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Do You Hate Voicemail Menus and Dealing With Someone Reading A Script?

Engineer on SitePenny Weinberg Customer Service

Delivery Girl

Well, we do too!

Al Yessel Aboard Vessel Installing TLI System


Call us crazy, however we still believe that each and every Customer deserves personal, one on one attention from a knowledgeable professional, who cares about their issue.

AT KSE you will never be treated like a number - we will remember your name and your Company, and we will always deal with you on a personal basis. We take pride in learning about our customers, their plants, and their individual needs. We will remember your preferences, and how you like to do business. And unlike catalog houses and sales rep organizations, we actually have a seasoned technical staff that is ready to help you - whether that be on the telephone, by e-mail, or at your site.

So whether you are calling to check on an order for tank level gauges, if you need to ask a technical question about your data logger, or you are just requesting some more information on door handle sanitation - when you call us you will get a live, caring, competent person on the line, who will actually help you.

What a concept!

1-(800)-573-4243 Continental US

(610)-768-8922 Outside CONUS and International